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Online Consulting Services

Would you like to get consultancy from expert physiotherapists, dieticians and spiritual experts? Thanks to our online service, you can take advantage of our services wherever you have internet access.

What Is Among Our Online Services? 

  • Guiding exercise and spiritual videos.
  • Determining the most suitable target for the person,
  • Completely personalized exercise and nutrition recommendations,
  • Exercise and nutrition tracking,
  • Online call and whatsapp support,
  • Motivation pages and blog content.

Online Physiotherapy and Exercise Consultancy

We may need an exercise program for a variety of reasons.

  • To have a healthier body.
  • Exercise after rehabilitation.
  • Exercise in the office.
  • Postural problems.
  • Prevent the occurrence of musculoskeletal diseases.

And for many other reasons you may need to practice your workout, we prepare you online exercise program, videos (audio narrated) and follow-up by taking more effective, conscious and educative way to provide.

Service Content:
  • One to one physiotherapist assessment.
  • personalized exercise program.
  • Weekly exercise schedule updates (also updated on business trips, holidays or special occasions).
  • Behavioral change treatment.
  • Accurate and effective exercise training for you.
  • Personalized exercise, videos that you can access anywhere at home, at work, on holiday (with audio narration). Individuals provide support for the implementation of more accurate and effective exercises using video exercises.
  • individual exercise  program and follow up using  this program to meet your needs and expectations.
  • More efficient results are obtained by personalized evaluation and remote monitoring with this information.

Check out our Online Physiotherapy and Exercise Packages

Online Nutrition and Diet Counseling.

It is very easy to reach your ideal weight by making some changes in your eating habits within the intense pace of modern life. The biggest problem of those who live in big cities is the system where you follow online by providing remote support interviews to individuals who cannot reach our office and want to learn and practice healthy eating.

Online Nutrition and Diet Counseling Services

When you receive online nutrition and diet counseling services;

  • We prepare weight control programs in accordance with your goal (gaining weight, losing weight or maintaining weight).
  • Considering the sports or exercises you do, we create a special nutrition program for you.
  • If there is, we support you to get the best eating habits by considering your discomfort (diabetes, cholesterol, heart diseases, digestive system, etc.).
  • We help regulate your weight control with our personalized detox programs.

Check out our Online Nutrition and Diet Packages

Online Meditation and Breath Therapy

Intense work tempo, various difficulties of daily life and the relationships that force you, cause many negative situations from anxiety to stress. You can feel calmer, peaceful and good by getting online meditation and breathing therapy services.

Online Meditation and Breath Therapy Consultancy

When you receive online Meditation and Breath Therapy consultancy service;

  • You can access the meditation and breathing therapy videos that will guide you in our video pool.
  • By participating in our online group classes or workshops, you can participate in events that will do you good.

Check out our Online Meditation and Breath Therapy Packages

Advantages of Online Consulting Services:

  • It saves time.
  • It supports you to get service according to your calendar.
  • Provides motivation support.
  • It helps you to check your current situation more easily.
  • It allows consultants living in different cities to benefit from our services.
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