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Corporate Consulting Services

Physiotherapy And Exercise

Physiotherapy is one of the most effective treatment methods used for centuries against dysfunctions that develop due to various ailments. By moving this treatment method to your corporate company, you can motivate both you and your employees.

As Armina Fit and Healing, we closely examine the muscle and skeletal diseases, posture and body postures of your office workers with a specialist physiotherapy consultant. While doing this, we keep the concentration and motivation at the highest level by considering the health of all your employees and support the development of your company.

We start by doing your body analysis of your employees first. After identifying risky individuals with muscular and skeletal disorders, we map your corporate problem, identify the risks of physiotherapy-related diseases, and provide you recommendations for improvement.

In line with the report we prepared, we make office exercises, posture exercises, pilates, yoga, stretching, core and balance exercises tailored to the needs of the employees. In this way, we aim for employees to gain a sustainable healthy living habit through regular exercise.

What Does Physiotherapy and Exercise Service Include?

  • Personal body analysis, (Posture evaluation, exercise prescription, therapy, etc.)
  • Transferring the principles of ergonomics,
  • Physical activity in the business environment,
  • Creating content specific to the institution (Survey, magazine, brochure, poster etc.)

Nutrition And Diet

As Armina Fit and Healing, we support you in your working life as well as in your daily life. We aim to lead a healthier life for both you and your employees and we strive to provide you with a healthier working environment.

Keep in mind; The fact that your employees are in a healthy mood in every sense helps your business to grow in a healthy way. We also support the growth of your company by analyzing the individual nutritional habits of both you and your employees and arranging the wrong habits in line with this analysis. In this way, we help you grow by keeping the concentration and motivation at the highest level in the company.

You can also contact us to get corporate nutritional counseling services, and you can make an appointment to meet you in the appropriate timeframe.

What Does Corporate Consulting Service Include?

  • Institutional nutrition analysis and reporting
  • Institutional nutrition education
  • Institutional menu consultancy
  • Creating content specific to the institution (Magazine, mail, brochure, poster etc.)

Meditation And Breath Therapy

We can say that the general problem of workplaces is low concentration and motivation. However, you can take advantage of institutional meditation and breathing therapy to overcome this situation.

As Armina Fit and Healing, we conduct optional meditation and breath therapy workshops in your company with spiritual experts. You can also organize a workshop with us to increase concentration, motivation and efficiency in your institution.

Did you also know that you can get different workshops and trainings from Armina Fit and Healing with expert physiotherapists, dieticians and spiritual counselors? Here are the workshops and training services we provide…

  • Healthy Nutrition and Exercise
  • Office Exercise
  • Sustainability in Healthy Life
  • Meditation
  • Breath Therapy
  • Motivation Training.

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